Secured Loans

About Secured Loans

Your water heater just broke in your house. Your transmission went out in your car. You have unexpected bills, and now you are looking for a way to pay for them. In your search, you came across information on secured loans and unsecured loans, but you would like to better understand what they are. At MaxLend, we want to help you make informed decisions. Here we’ll discuss what a secured loan is and some benefits and drawbacks of secured loans.

A secured loan is a loan that requires collateral. Typically collateral refers to an asset that can be used as security for the bank in the event that a borrower cannot pay back a loan. Car loans and home mortgages are great examples of secured loans that banks give. When a secured loan like one of these goes into default, meaning it doesn’t get paid back, the lender may take ownership of that collateral.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Secured Loans

As with many things in life, there are both benefits and drawbacks to secured loans. Below we’ll go over things to think about if you are looking for same-day funding.

Benefits of Secured Loans

Banks take lower risks when the loans are secured because they know that there is something of value available to them. This adds a benefit in taking a secured loan: You may be able to borrow more money. Additionally, when there is collateral to back a loan, lenders might provide either longer repayment terms or lower interest rates compared to other, unsecured loans.

Secured loans are great options for cars, homes, and other similar items. When you are ready to take out a loan, make sure to do your research to see if a secured loan or an unsecured loan, such as the unsecured loans offered by MaxLend, would be best for you.

Drawbacks of Secured Loans

Though secured loans are a great option in some situations, they aren’t always the best choice when looking for quick funds. If you don’t have any assets or collateral, you might not qualify for a secured loan. Additionally, a lender might limit how you can use the money that you borrow. If you take out a secured loan to buy a car, you probably won’t be able to use that money to help pay for the water heater that just broke. Also, secured loans may take longer to get funded than unsecured loans.

We understand that if you need to borrow money, you can’t always afford to wait. At MaxLend, we offer quick installment loans, with same-day or next-day funding.* So whether you are looking for a loan to pay for repairs to your home or car, veterinarian bills, or if you need money for another emergency, a quick installment loan from MaxLend might be able to help.

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You can apply directly at our website to find out if you qualify for an unsecured loan from MaxLend of up to $3,750. Or feel free to call us at 877-936-4336. We can give you more information on the personal loans offered by MaxLend, including same-day loans. You can get in touch with us 24/7.

*Same Day Funding is available on business days where pre-approval, eSignature of the loan agreement and completion of the confirmation call, if a call is required, have occurred by 11:45 a.m. Eastern Time and a customer elects ACH as payment method. Customers who complete this process by 1:30 p.m. Eastern on business days may still receive funds on the same day, but some banks may not disburse the funds until the next business day. Other restrictions may apply. Certain financial institutions do not support same day funded transactions. When Same Day Funding is not available, funding will occur the next business day.

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